Service & maintenance questions

Payment & cost questions

Equipment & vendor questions

Service & maintenance questions

How will my service be affected?
Service is maintained through the same vendors you use now. The only change is the method of payment. Instead of prepaying vendors under a contract, the program allows you to pay them only when their services are needed.

How would the Equipment Maintenance Program work if we currently have a technical department for repairs?
The Equipment Maintenance Program pays the University's technical department for the corrective and preventive maintenance performed in-house. Simply provide the technical department's name and phone number as your primary vendor.

How is preventive maintenance typically managed under the Equipment Maintenance Program?
The service vendor is requested to provide preventive maintenance when it provides other service on the covered equipment. If you need to schedule preventive maintenance, call the Equipment Maintenance Program Teleserve™ Dispatch Canter at 800-833-7050.

What if our in-house staff performs troubleshooting on the equipment before calling the Equipment Maintenance Program Teleserve™ Dispatch Center?
Complete the In-house Service Report (PDF document) when in-house staff services the equipment under the Equipment Maintenance Program. Fax it to Specialty Underwriters (414-281-1111) for reimbursement. You will receive compensation for parts and labor ($35 per hour) for service performed by in-house personnel.

Payment & cost questions

How do we pay for the Equipment Maintenance Program?
On a quarterly basis your school or department will be charged a premium for all the equipment covered under the maintenance insurance policy.

How are vendors paid for service?
Your vendor is directed to mail the invoice and service report to Specialty Underwriters. Under the Equipment Maintenance Program, Specialty Underwriters pays the invoice to your vendor.

What happens when the repair cost is comparable or higher than the cost of buying a new piece of equipment?
The vendors should communicate directly with Specialty Underwriters' dispatch engineers. However, if you receive an estimate
of repair directly from the vendor, contact Specialty Underwriters Dispatch Center immediately at 800-833-7050. Provide the repair estimate and inform Specialty Underwriters of your wish to replace the equipment.

When appropriate, Specialty Underwriters will present several equipment repair or equipment replacement options. These options include repair of the equipment, replacing the equipment with a unit of "like" kind or applying money toward replacement of the equipment with another piece of "like" kind or new equipment.

Equipment & vendor questions

How do I know what equipment is covered under our contract?
Each piece of covered equipment will have a blue/gray Specialty Underwriters Teleserve™ tag affixed to it. This tag will have the equipment inventory number on it, along with the Equipment Maintenance Program Teleserve™ Dispatch Center's phone number, 800-833-7050.

How will the Equipment Maintenance Program's dispatcher know which vendor to contact?
The dispatcher will look up the contract that includes a description of the equipment along with your current choice of vendor.
If a vendor has not been previously identified, the dispatcher will obtain the necessary vendor information from the caller. If a vendor change is desired, simply inform the dispatcher and they will make a note of that change.

What if the equipment is under warranty?
Specialty Underwriters tracks all equipment that is under warranty. The dispatcher will take service calls on these items and advise the vendor of the warranty coverage.

Once the warranty expires, Specialty Underwriters will automatically roll that equipment over so that there is continued coverage.
It is important to inform Specialty Underwriters of all warranty equipment and expiration dates that you would like them to track.

How do we get current information on our equipment?
Specialty Underwriters will provide the University with quarterly reports of repair history sorted by equipment item and vendor. Reports detailing equipment inventory and repair performance will be available upon request. If costs need to be broken down by department or school, Specialty Underwriters will do so.