Hours and Regulations


SafeRide is available from 7:00 pm to 3:00 am seven days a week during the academic year when classes are in session.

SafeRide reserves the right to reduce or suspend operations during inclement weather or during other circumstances that may place our employees in danger.


SafeRide is a safety service not at taxi, as such there are several rules to keep in mind.

  1. SafeRide will only pick up 3 people per ride.
  2. SafeRide will not accept advance reservations, all rides are dispatched on a first come first served basis.
  3. SafeRide will not transport you beyond our transportation boundaries.
  4. SafeRide will not provide Rides for less than 3 blocks.
  5. SafeRide will not accept rides on the Evanston Loop or Campus Loop Routes if the wait is greater than 40 mins.
  6. SafeRide will not schedule rides that result in a wait time in excess of 80 minutes.
  7. You must be on time for your pickup, other passengers are waiting so your car cannot wait more than three minutes.
  8. SafeRide reserves the right to refuse service in situations that place our drivers in danger. Examples of this may include drunk, disorderly or abusive passengers.
  9. SafeRide does not provide medical transport. If you need an ambulance please use one, for less serious medical problems please see Northwestern's policy on Medical Transport of Students.


  • Please be respectful to the driver, vehicle, and other passengers at all times.
  • Be ready to go when your vehicle arrives and enter and exit your vehicle promptly, every minute you keep our driver waiting is another minute the person after you has to wait.
  • Clean up after yourself. Do not leave any garbage in the vehicle and make sure you have all your possessions before exiting, especially your keys and cell phone.
  • If for whatever reason you can't make your pickup, please call us, to reschedule or cancel it. You can also use Text to cancel:847-497-0028. By not showing up you are wasting a ride that somebody else could have used.
  • If you are unsure of where or when your ride is scheduled for please call us back, we'll be more than happy to tell you.