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The Norris available positions are for Northwestern undergraduate Work-study students only.

How to Apply

  1. Read the position descriptions to decide which position(s) interest you.
  2. Prepare your cover letter and resume, as Word, text, or PDF files.
  3. Complete the Norris Job Application .

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Norris Positions Open:

Position Title Position Description  (click on link for detailed-description) Contact Information Job Post End Date
SOFO Financial Assistant

SOFO Financial Assistant

SOFO Financial Assistants help student group leaders initiate the financial transactions that support their group’s activities.  They do this by working with the group leaders to review the documents that support the transaction requests and processing them once they are complete.  They also provide student groups with guidance for successful transactions and recordkeeping.  SOFO Financial Assistants are important to the student organization and funding processes because their work provides the transparency necessary to ensure a student organization is accountable to the student body and the university.

Gain a very good understanding of financial concepts/processes, as well as valuable transferrable skills in customer service, teamwork, and office functions and technologies.  No financial experience is necessary to apply.

Janet Hansen

SOFO Manager 

September 30, 2017

Production: House Staff Attendant

Production: House Staff Attendant

The Norris Center Production House Staff Attendants are vital members of the Event Production team. They are responsible for the setup and teardown of equipment for all events in the Norris Center, serving a wide range of clients in the building.

William Hyun

Operations Coordinator

June 30, 2017

Marketing Coordinator

Northwestern Dining: Marketing Coordinator

As a marketing coordinator you will be assisting Northwestern Dining plan for the upcoming school year.

Skills needed: Detail oriented, Problem Solving, Creative, Critical thinking, Time management, Organizational skills 

Maria Chicaiza

Marketing MIT

September 13, 2017

Production: Technical Services Technician

Production: Technical Services Technician

A Norris Technical Services (NTS) Technician is responsible for the setup, operation and maintenance of all audio-visual equipment in the Norris university Center, Ryan Auditorium during weekday evenings and all day weekends, as well as various other venues on campus as needed. 

Chris Burpee

Technical Services Manager

June 30, 2017

Norris Center Bookstore Assistant

Norris Center Bookstore Assistant

Cashier, Textbooks and Apple Store.

Betty Trice

Norris Center Bookstore Manager

June 30, 2017

Facilities Assistant

Facilities Assitant

Facilities Assistant position basic requirements: Furniture repair and assembly, hanging items on walls, ability to use power and hand tools, maintaining cleanliness of the work place and store rooms.

Tom Szymanski

Facilities Manager

September 30, 2017

Mini Course Attendant

Mini Course Attendant

1. Assists with advertising including hanging posters/fliers, designing banners, etc.
2. Periodically visits classes to take pictures, assist with registrations, etc.
3. Assists with making the brochure for each term.
4. Assists in maintaining relationship and communication with the instructors.
5. Attends area meetings and Norris University Center Orientation and training programs.
6. Other duties as assigned.

Nancy Cambron Perez

Arts and Recreation Program Coordinator 

June 12, 2017

Proof of Work Eligibility

Due to government regulations, you must complete federal employment eligibility before being hired, including showing original proof of identification. Carefully review this work eligibility list to ensure you have the correct documents. By applying, you acknowledge that you will not be hired or paid for any time worked until these documents are presented.