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Upcoming Exhibit:

Imprints of the Mind

Community Exhibit

"Imprints of the Mind" is a deep look into the impactful and formative nature of memories. It explores the idea that our individual essence is sculpted by a unique set of experiences from the past, which ultimately shapes who we become. Our memories not only form who we are, but also contribute to the way we think, behave, and interact with the world around us. By attempting to externalize a diverse array of memories, the artists put on display their collection of “imprints.” These works investigate the past while simultaneously delving into each artist’s present identity and singularity.

Submissions are open to students, faculty, staff, alums, and community members. 

Exhibit Dates: April 7th-April 28th

Opening Reception: April 7th, 4-6 PM

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Neither Free | Nor

By: Brittney Leeanne Williams

In this new series, Brittney Leeanne Williams investigates the black body as a site of suffering, mourning, and memorialization, yet still one that is available to transcendence. In Neither Free | Nor, bodies transition from persecution, through a kind of preservation, to emerge as deliverer or liberator. Williams dramatizes the 20th-century landscape painting, repurposing the pastoral scene into memorial ground. The tree leaves, blossoms, and branches become ceremonial objects through their proximity to the black body.

The series also engages narratives of “Whiteness,” frequently situating contrasting images within the same frame as Black subjects, creating a visual tension that exposes the chasm between Black and White communities. Finally, the work explores the role of black femininity within the iconography of the female form. Ultimately, Neither Free | Nor addresses the inevitability of physical suffering co- existing with the inescapable hope and possibility of redemption. 

Exhibit Dates: February 16th-March 28th


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Dittmar Memorial Gallery, established in 1972, is a student-operated gallery that enlightens and challenges the Northwestern University community with the works of emerging and underrepresented artists from the Chicago area and the Midwest. The staff at Dittmar is dedicated to developing and fostering the Northwestern community’s awareness of the changing attitudes and trends in the art world. We invite artists who work in the contemporary vein, as well as artists who offer an alternative perspective that hinges on the periphery of the art world. In essence, our goal is to provide well-deserved exposure to those outside or on the margins of the mainstream art world.

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