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Landscape of Subjunctive: Taehoon Kim

Taehoon Kim’s work evokes a place between the subconscious and the evolution of substance. He uses materials that are modified and hybridized, as a metaphor for amorphous communication and the struggle for psychological interaction between space and colors. Also, his work attempts to reveal and develop a persuasive reflection on the essence of humanity and our relationships with other creatures.

His work shows that the viewers think of where we are from and how humans evolved physically and emotionally. Our appearances and emotions evolved from instincts based on survival. His works ask us to consider our origins and how mankind has evolved physically and emotionally. By examining how other species communicate and how to read these communications is apparent only through the understanding of our own conscious, unconscious, and subconscious self. These questions bring to light the possibility of reading the minds of other species. This show will give the viewer the opportunity to question their relationship to themselves and to their consciousness of the other. People usually only think about communicating with other human beings. It will not only suggest diversity and broaden the perspective of subjective matter but also it will show visualized color combinations that are dominantly strong.

Exhibit Dates: June 24- August 12
Reception: June 24,  4-6pm


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