Grant Close Out

The research grant closeout process is a collaborative effort between investigators, administrators, and ASRSP to meet all requirements and  deliverables established as conditions of the award as the scheduled end of the research project approaches. Closeout Checklist Version 3.2  lists DEPT, OSR, Cost Studies, and ASRSP award closeout responsibilities sequentially.

*** AWARD CLOSEOUT CHECKLIST, version 3.2  ***

***NEW *** PMS Transition Only AWARD CLOSEOUT CHECKLIST, version 1.1 ***NEW***

The closeout process is initiated by ASRSP sending closeout email from  ASRSP GCFA and OSR GO to PI and Research Administrator. All tasks should be completed in a timely manner in order to comply with the new Uniform Guidance which applies to all federal and federal  flow-through awards.  See §200.343 Closeout.

For additional information on program income verification during the award closeout process and a link to the Program Income Statement Template please see the ASRSP Cash Management webpage.

If you have additional questions, please email Uniform Guidance at NU.