Grant Close Out

The research grant close-out process is a collaborative effort between investigators, administrators, and ASRSP to meet all requirements and  deliverables established as conditions of the award as the scheduled end of the research project approaches. Please use the following steps to guide your sponsored project closeout.

*** NEW *** SAMPLE AWARD CLOSEOUT CHECKLIST, version 2.0  *** NEW ***

  1. If you wish to request a No Cost Extension, to complete the technical aims of the project, contact your OSR Grants Officer (GO). To determine the GO for your project, please view the OSR Grant and Contract Officer Finder. To download the necessary OSR-2 form and instructions, please view the OSR Forms webpage.
  2. If a competing renewal is pending, advise your ASRSP Grant and Contract Financial Administrator (GCFA).
  3. Your sponsor may have included an option period as part of the terms of the award. If an option period is pending, please contact the sponsor's technical representative to find out if the option period will be exercised. Please email any agency correspondence indicating that the option period will be exercised to your ASRSP GCFA and your OSR GO. Please note that an award cannot be extended until the option is exercised via an amendment from the agency.
  4. Review the Terms of Award and ensure that all deliverables are submitted by the designated due dates including Final Technical Reports, Final Invention Statements, and Property Reports.
    • Questions regarding the Technical Reports should be directed to your OSR GO.
    • Final Invention Statements should be directed to
    • Property Reports should be directed to your ASRSP GCFA.
  5. Carefully review the expenditure activity of the project.
    • Verify that all costs charged to the project are appropriate. If a correction is required, work with your department staff to prepare Request for Accounting Correction (RAC) or payroll adjustment forms. All cost transfers, including salary, should be completed within 90 days of their original transaction date. Expense transfers over the 90- day limit must be accompanied by a letter of explanation (90 Day Letter), signed by the PI, and forwarded to ASRSP for review.
    • Working with your department staff, delete any invalid or obsolete encumbrances.
    • When the project has ended, identify any late charges that have not yet posted (e.g. internal service providers) and email your ASRSP GCFA a list of such expenses that will be charged to the project and included on the final report/invoice. Please note that ASRSP must adhere to strict submission dates for the final financial report/invoice. Some projects allow only 30-60 days for a final report or invoice to be submitted. Therefore, it is crucial that any remaining expenses be posted promptly to the project.
    • If you have any financial questions regarding the projects(s), please contact your ASRSP GCFA.
  6. Ensure that Effort Reports have been submitted for all completed quarters encompassed in the project period. Questions regarding effort reporting should be directed to:
    Chicago/Evanston Senior Effort Coordinator: Tina Mete at or (847) 491-6755.
    Chicago Effort Coordinator: Erin Farlow at or (312) 503-0323.
  7. When requested by the ASRSP GCFA, review and certify the final project budget statement and program income statement on a timely basis. This will ensure that the final financial report/invoice is submitted to the sponsor in the required timeframe and the University receives prompt final payment. View a program income statement template