Cognos Reporting Tools

The following Cognos system reports (login required) are recommended by ASRSP for administrators to use when monitoring their unit's sponsor projects.

GM044 - Sponsored Project Portfolio

  • This report displays balances for active projects including totals for direct and indirect expenditures as well as encumbrances by department and/or principal investigator
  • It can run for negative balances only to monitor deficit spending
  • Drill through available by project to the GM045 - Sponsored Project Budget Statement

GM086 - Projects Balances Report

  • Similar to Sponsored Project Portfolio, but with added data fields including ASRSP GCFA Name, Award ID/Sponsor ID, Start and End dates
  • No drill through capability
  • Recommended by ASRSP: run for current period, all Contract Statuses, Active Projects, and specify either a particular PI for Manager/Reviewer field or select particular department for a detailed view of the current financial status of your constituency. View in Excel 2007 Data file type.

GM045 - Sponsored Project Budget Statement

  • Displays direct and indirect expenditure totals by project against the total budget amount along with project demographic data
  • Dollars are broken out and shown by Current Accounting Period, Fiscal Year to Date, and Inception to Date

GL008 - Revenue and Expense Activity Report

  • All transactions affecting the budget for the current period
  • Revenue and expense are displayed by Project and it is possible to drill through to transactional data
  • Recommended by ASRSP: select User Define YTD Period and "998 - Adjustments" for Accounting Period to Date in order to see all transactions on a particular project or range or projects.

SC016 - Open Encumbrances

  • Shows open encumbrances and helps users to reconcile budgets and track purchase orders that have not been finalized

GL005 - Summary Budget Status

  • Summarizes budget for revenue and expenses for a specific Fund, Dept ID, Project
  • Can be used to track cost sharing commitments and funding received for a project

GL069 - Financial Summary

  • Displays summarized expense and revenue (actuals and budget) financial information by chart string for a DeptID or School/Unit, reflecting the typical Expenses, Revenues, and Ending Balance, as applicable
  • Can be used to track cost-sharing commitments