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Body Acceptance Week

Body Acceptance Week 2022 | February 21-27

Live Your Reel Real Life! #NUBAW22

We invite you to celebrate Body Acceptance Week 2022:  #NUBAW2022 will explore body acceptance through an intersectional lens. Join us for a week of exciting and thought-provoking content, and plan to attend our live virtual events:

This year’s Body Acceptance Week theme Live Your Reel Real Life! acknowledges the fact that social media is often referred to as a highlight reel. Posts on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook tend to depict only the perfect moments of our lives rather than portraying the full picture.

Join us for a week of engaging and thought-provoking content and activities, including an “Ask Me Anything” with Renee Engeln, Northwestern Psychology Professor and Director of the Body & Media Lab; a Talking Circle about body image, social media, and eating disorders with clinicians from The Renfrew Center; and a virtual conversation with award winning yoga instructor, founder of The Underbelly, and author of 'Every Body Yoga,' Jessamyn Stanley Thursday at 6 pm.

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