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Student Learning

Student Affairs regularly measures what students are learning as a result of their involvement in the programs, activities, and services we offer. Our approach to the assessment of student learning is layered. 

Institutional Level

Questions about student learning many of which are directly related to the four student outcomes identified by student affairs at Northwestern—are included on the Survey of New Students, the Enrolled Student Survey, the Senior Survey, and the Alumni Survey conducted by Institutional Research. Institutional Research, in turn, shares this data with Student Affairs.

Department Level

Measuring what students are learning as a result of their involvement with the programs, activities and services offered through various Student Affairs departments is also a part of our assessment strategy. For example, on the 2012 Consortium Campus Activities and Involvement Survey, 88% of the respondents from Northwestern “strongly agreed” or “somewhat agreed” that their participation in out-of-class experiences increased their ability to work in a team.

Program or Activity Level

We also assess student learning more formally, measuring knowledge, attitudes and experiences before a workshop or training program and then immediately after the program, or sometimes even six months later.

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