TransLoc How to Guide

TransLoc Rider is Here!

student using phone app

Download TransLoc Rider, the best way to request a Safe Ride!

For first-time users, here is a step by step guide to getting set up and using TransLoc.

To download a handy PDF of all these steps, click here.

Steps 1 & 2

transloc steps 1 and 2

Step 1

Download the TransLoc Rider App  from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store.

NOTE: You will only be able to complete this process during Safe Ride's operating hours (7pm-3am).

How to Download the TransLoc Rider app:

Step 2

When you open the App, select Northwestern. Select Done.

Step 3

transloc step 3

Choose the blue rider icon on the bottom left corner of the map.

*If the icon is gray, Safe Ride isn't open. You'll have to check back between 7 pm and 3 am to get a ride.

Step 4

transloc step 4

Do NOT create an account here:

Scroll down and select Northwestern University. You will create your account in Step 6.

Step 5

transloc step 5

Login to Northwestern Online Passport.

*If you get this screen and it goes nowhere, you may have to close the browser and start over.

Step 6

transloc step 6

Create your TransLoc account HERE

Create account by entering your information. This is the only time you will be prompted to create an account; your next log-in will be through Northwestern's Online Passport.

Step 7

transloc step7

You may be prompted to select your school again. If prompted, choose Northwestern University.

Steps 8 & 9

transloc steps 8 & 9

Step 8

Choose your Pick Up location.

Step 9

Choose your Drop Off location.

Step 10

transloc step 10

Confirm your trip.