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Academic Integrity Violation

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What is an academic integrity violation?

Academic integrity at Northwestern is based on a respect for individual achievement that lies at the heart of academic culture. Every student belongs to a community of scholars where academic integrity is a fundamental commitment. Registration at Northwestern requires adherence to the University's standards of academic integrity.

Examples of Academic Integrity Violations

  • Cheating
  • Plagiarism
  • Fabrication
  • Obtaining an unfair advantage
  • Aiding and abetting academic dishonesty
  • Falsification of records and official documents
  • Unauthorized access to computerized academic or administrative records or systems

How to report an academic integrity violation

Reach out directly to an academic integrity contact

You are encouraged to reach out to the academic integrity contact in the school in which a potential violation may have occurred. These contacts will strive to maintain confidentiality and will not implicate a reporter without their consent; however, a reporter’s identity may become apparent during an investigation based on the information reported.

See Contacts for Each School

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Support and Resources

If you or someone you know has academic integrity concerns, you can contact the resources below. There is no obligation to report a potential violation.

Key University Contact

The Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education has primary responsibility for the university academic integrity policy. The Associate Provost or a designee can provide a confidential consultation for individuals with concerns. Email the Associate Provost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will see my report?

Concerns reported in writing to a school academic integrity contact may become a piece of evidence in an academic integrity case. School academic integrity contacts redact reports to maintain confidentiality; however, in some cases, an individual’s identity may be inferred from information in the report.

What will happen to me after I report?

Individuals who report concerns may be contacted for more information in the course of an investigation. If they reported concerns directly to a school academic integrity contact, the follow-up will come directly from that contact. If they reported concerns anonymously via EthicsPoint, the follow-up will come from Northwestern’s EthicsPoint manager through a channel that maintains the reporter’s anonymity.

What are the next steps? Will I be told the resolution or outcome of what I shared?

Individuals who report concerns about potential academic integrity violation will not be notified about the start or conclusion of a case.

Know your rights: Northwestern's Non-Retaliation Policy

Northwestern's Policy on Non-Retaliation strictly prohibits retaliation against any member of its community for reporting or inquiring in good faith about suspected wrongful or unlawful activity, or participating in an investigation or proceeding related to such activity. The University considers such actions to be protected activities in which all members may freely engage without worry of negative consequences.