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Summer 2022
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PPE Supplies for Fall

Procurement and Payment Services (PPS) has been centrally managing the purchase, payment, and distribution of PPE supplies on campus during Covid. Please note that PPS will be winding down the centralized ordering and distribution of PPE supplies by August 31.  Learn how PPE needs on campus will be met beginning the fall of 2022.

Electronic Payment to Individuals


We are excited to announce that PPS worked with Financial Operations and IT to select the Corporate Quick Pay Program from Chase so we can pay individuals (reimbursements, research subjects, visitor expenses, independent contractors, etc.) electronically through the normal requisitions to purchase order and payment request process.

New Evanston Local Marketplace catalog in iBuyNU

PPS has been working with an external advocacy organization and Consultant, VIT to enable a multi-vendor catalog in iBuyNU that includes local and diverse vendor options for everyday items. This catalog is expected to be available by September 1. 

Fiscal Year End 2022 Reminders

As we conclude Fiscal Year 2022, visit the Northwestern Fiscal Year End website for important information, including key dates, task reminders and contacts. The website also includes webinar presentations and corresponding presentation slides. We have also highlighted some key dates related to Procurement and Payment Services.

Chart String 101

Using a valid chart string is very important when buying services through a central bill program managed by PPS. This is especially important when booking travel in Egencia, because you will need to enter your chart string to complete your booking. The chart string identifies to which department the travel should be billed to, and from which account or grant the funds will be deducted. Learn more about chart strings.

Regular Features

New Contracts
Includes Campus Moving Services, Relocation Services, and more

Existing Contract Updates
Office Depot name change, new T-Mobile account representative, and more

Contracts We're Working On
Includes Staffing pre-qualified list, hotels, and more

Travel Related Updates
Travel Agency Options, Egencia updates, and more

Reminder to Settle Corporate Card Transactions before FYE

It is extremely important that Corporate Card transactions be reconciled prior to the end of the fiscal year. Pulling transactions and putting them onto an expense report is not enough; all receipts must be attached and the expense report must be submitted and fully approved as soon as possible. Learn more about year-end key dates.

Supplier Request Tips

Want to know if your supplier registration request or supplier change request has been processed? Learn how to check the status of your request.

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