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Student Engagement


ASG is the Associated Student Government of Northwestern, a group of undergraduate students devoted to working on behalf of the Northwestern community.

Contact: Nehaarika Mulukutla

College Democrats

The College Democrats seek to stimulate political thought and activity at Northwestern, promote interest in governmental affairs, and advance the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party of the United States, Illinois, and Evanston.

Contact: Alex Neumann

College Republicans

College Republicans is Northwestern's conservative student organization that supports the ideals of the Republican Party. We host high-profile speakers, participate in campus debates, and provide a variety of opportunities for all political backgrounds.

Contact: David Donnelly

Northwestern Political Union

The Northwestern University Political Union is a community of students united by their common interest in discussion of political and global affairs.

Contact: Avi Dravid

Alexander Hamilton Society (AHS)

The Alexander Hamilton Society (AHS) is an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit, membership organization dedicated to promoting constructive debate on basic principles and contemporary issues in foreign, economic, and national security policy.

Contact: Dylan Gresik

Chicago Student Action (ChiSa)

Chicago Student Action offers Wildcats the opportunity to get involved with professional community organizing in the Chicago and Evanston areas.

Contact: Benjamin Powell

Northwestern University Community for Human Rights (NUCHR)

Welcome to the NU Community for Human Rights! Our aim is to spark dialogue, foster activism, and improve awareness surrounding global and local human rights challenges.

Contact: Jonathan Wrobel

Roosevelt Institute for Public Policy

Roosevelt members have the opportunity to write their own policy proposals and deliver them to the appropriate policymakers to potentially enact real change.

Contact: Brian Young

Northwestern Community Development Corps (NCDC)

Northwestern Community Development Corps (NCDC) seeks to engage students in community development at Northwestern University, in Evanston, and throughout Chicago. We promote civic engagement through service and events focused on social justice.

Contact: Katherine Ericson

Fight for Freedom (F3)

Fight for Freedom aims to raise awareness and advocate against modern-day slavery in Chicago. Our activities include organizing speaker and awareness events and reaching out to anti-trafficking NGOs in Chicago. All are welcome to join!

Contact: Adam Crittenden

Allow Good

Allow Good – Northwestern is established for the purpose of spreading knowledge about philanthropy, social justice, and community development amongst Northwestern students and youth in the Evanston area.

Contact: Imani Wilson

Peace Project

The purpose of this organization is to promote awareness and activism at Northwestern University that focuses on peace and justice issues locally, nationally, and internationally. We organize informational programming with the goal of raising awareness.


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