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Sponsoring Departments

English Department, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences

Northwestern's English Department is an energetic, collegial community of distinguished scholars teaching and publishing in a wide range of literary, cultural, and creative fields, with a variety of disciplinary and methodological approaches.

Located in historic University Hall, this highly ranked department has more than thirty renowned faculty members, publishing frequently and intensely involved in teaching. Many of our faculty hold joint appointments and teach courses in related programs and departments, such as American Studies, African American Studies, Classics, Comparative Literary Studies, WCAS undergraduate Drama, Gender Studies, History, the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Theater and Drama, and Religion. The department also houses Renaissance Drama and--as part of its own lively culture--sponsors a large number of talks, readings, workshops, and colloquia. 

Gender and Sexuality Studies Program

Gender and sexuality are centrally important forces that shape every aspect of our lives:

In GSS, we ask questions about gender and sexuality in the U.S., transnationally, and in history, and answer them using research tools from across the humanities and social sciences, as well as from feminist, masculinity, LGBT and queer studies.

The Women’s Center

The Women's Center is committed to advancing women, gender equity and inclusion through engaging the Northwestern University community.  As catalysts for change, we foster the development of individual and collective strengths to cultivate socially responsible students, staff and faculty.  

We are a hub of knowledge and expertise around gender equity.  We strive to continue to be the site where individuals, units and departments consult around issues of gender equity, and present programming that identifies, frames, and addresses the myriad of social issues to build capacity within the campus community to advance gender equity and social justice.

We strive to foster an environment in which gender identities and expressions are embraced not relegated as insignificant and dismissed nor given undue social advantage and power. 

We believe that centering the experiences of women, particularly underrepresented women, and other marginalized people in the university’s work will improve the Northwestern University environment for everyone. We work to collaborate and build coalitions with those who are champions of gender equity to help us transform our community.

We are focused on building students’ capacity as feminist and social justice change agents by deepening our student engagement. 

We provide Third Spaces and have a wealth of resources and offer a welcoming, safe and affirming environment to the Northwestern University community.

Medill School of Journalism, Media, & Integrated Marketing Communications

Medill, a leader in education since 1921, offers programs in journalism and integrated marketing communications that combine enduring skills and values with new techniques and knowledge that are essential to thrive in today's digital world.

Medill has a long-standing reputation for academic excellence. As the media industry experiences unprecedented change, Medill leads the way. We are training a new generation of multimedia journalists and integrated marketing communications professionals who are not only thriving in this evolving media landscape but also helping to shape it. 

Feinberg School of Medicine

Our mission is to impact the practice of medicine through discovery and education.

The pursuit of excellence requires a learning organization grounded in leadership, innovation, and compassionate care that can translate new knowledge into better human health. These attributes are interwoven by professionalism dedicated to teamwork, collegiality, and social and intellectual diversity. Such values promote the best interests of medicine and further strengthen our social contract with the community we serve.

Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

Northwestern Law uniquely blends a rigorous intellectual environment with a collegial and supportive community. Our students have access to the most interdisciplinary research faculty in the nation. We also have one of the lowest student-faculty ratios, so our students enjoy an unusual amount of individual access to these scholars, even after graduation.

Our lakefront location in the heart of downtown Chicago provides a spectacular setting in which to live and study. A major world financial center, Chicago is the third largest city in the United States and one of its largest legal markets. Northwestern Law’s proximity to courts, commerce, and public interest activities enables students to experience the practice of law, as well as its theory, in one of the most vibrant legal and business communities in the world.