2015-2016 One Book Steering Committee

Nancy Anderson
Associate Director of
Residential Academic Initiatives

 Jonathan Atler
One Book Fellow

Kate Baldwin
Associate Professor
American Studies; WCAS

Shannon Bartlett
Director, Diversity Education & Outreach,
Student Services; Law School

Debra Blade
Assistant Director of Building Services
Marketing & Promotions
Norris University Center Admin.

Lesley-Ann Brown
Executive Director
Campus Inclusion & Community
Vice Pres Student Affairs

Forrest Bruce
Undergraduate student; (Ojibwe)

Geraldo Cadava
Assistant Professor, History; WCAS

Stephen Carr
Associate Dean (Academic)
Administration; McCormick

Diane Claussen
Managing Director of TIC
Virginia Wadsworth Wirtz Center for the Performing Art

Mark Cleveland
Alumnus, (Cherokee descent)

Gabriella Cramer
One Book Fellow

Eugene Lowe
Assistant to the President, President's Office

Ananda Marin
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Psychology; WCAS
(African-American, Choctaw, European American descent)

John David Marquez
Assistant Professor,
African American Studies; and Latino/a Studies; WCAS

Kathleen McDonald
Executive Director
Mitchell Museum of the American Indian

Joshua McKenzie
Associate Director, New Student & Family Programs
Director for the First Year Experience,
Assistant Vice President Student Engagement

Douglas Medin
Professor, Psychology; WCAS

Cynthia Noble
Engagement Manager, Block Museum

Kai Orton
Research Assistant Professor, SESP (Inupiat, Nez Perce, Canadian American)

Janka Pieper
Manager of Marketing & Communications, International Program Development; WCAS

Margaret (Meg) Pollak
Lecturer/post-doc; Global Health/Anthropology; WCAS

Kim Rapp
Associate Director of International Program Development (IPD); WCAS

Nancy Cunniff
Senior Program Coordinator
One Book One Northwestern

Chris Davidson
Librarian, User Experience Department Northwestern University Library

John Franklin
Associate Dean
Minority and Cultural Affairs; Feinberg

Loren Ghiglione
One Book Faculty Chair, Professor, Journalism; Medill

Reginald Gibbons
Professor, English; WCAS

Lorenzo Gudino
Undergraduate student, (Fort Sill Apache, Mexican, European American descent)

Sean Harte
Alumnus, (Menominee)

M. Geoffrey Hayes
Feinberg School of Medicine, Feinberg Clinical, Medicine, Endocrinology Division

Irina Huang
One Book Fellow

Bethany Hughes
Graduate student, School of Communication (Choctaw)

Forrest Hylton
Visiting Assistant Professor; WCAS

Lynn Kelso
Lecturer, Theatre; School of Communication

Joseph Lattal
Center for Student Involvement Administrator

William Leonard
Professor, Anthropology; WCAS

Monica Russel y Rodriguez
Associate Dean of Teaching Track and Visiting Faculty, Senior Lecturer, Anthropology and Latina and Latino Studies

Debra Schmidt-Rogers
Director of Residential Life

Mark Sheldon
Assistant Dean and Distinguished Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, WCAS

Melody Song
One Book Fellow

Tim Stevens
University Chaplain

David Takehara
Director, Financial Operations Information Technology (Sioux, Japanese-American) 

Abhinav Veerina
One Book Fellow

Wendy Wall
Professor, English; WCAS

Penny Warren
Senior Specialist for Student Life, Graduate School Administration

Alecia Wartowski
Director of Programs, Women's Center

Larissa Williams
Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Diversity and Inclusion; Kellogg