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ARTica Project to Go- Wood Plank Decorating   $8.00

Supplies Provided 
Tempera Paints

You have a choice of selecting 7 colors (availability will vary)

Paint Colors




Recommend Painting on One Side Only!
Clean Up Instructions
Hang your piece and enjoy!


DIY To Go!

ARTica now has many projects you can purchase online here for DIY TO GO.  Come to ARTica, pick up the materials, and complete the project on your own time at home!

Bisque Projectswitches-brew-mug.jpg

Pictures of what each bisque piece looks like can be found here.

Materials we provide includes:

Include your glaze selections in the Special instructions on the Online Menu or you can cafe-mug.jpgemail

You can decorate at your own home and then drop off your piece at ARTica Studios for firing. You must also return the brushes clean and any unused glazes. Once your bisque piece is fired you are ready to take it home and enjoy your new piece!

Make sure to follow the instructions provided for the best results.



We also have countless mugs in our regular bisque selection that once glazed can make any drink extra fun and festive this winter!

Glaze Chart

For color options see our glaze color chart to the right

Canvas Painting


Prices range from $7-$20