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ARTica Promotions

PARTicaPARTica 2022

Get Ready for Dillo Day! Tie-dye or Fabric Paint your Tee Shirt!  All dyes and markers are free!

Shirts are available for purchase in limited quantities.
Have fun painting flowers on canvas from fresh flowers on display.  It’s all free!

The event is on the South Lawn with music and other fun, giveaways.
*inclement weather - event will be held in ARTica.

Register here to hold you spot and supplies!
Come and enjoy the best Art Party on Campus.


Fresh Spring Bisqueartica fresh spring bisque

Come to ARTica to pick out and glaze the Fresh Spring Bisque!  You may also order online!

Select From New Styles

Blooming Bowls: $7 (Small) and $9 (Medium)

Flower Pot Mug: $10

Flower Tile: $6

Plus a variety of New Mugs for a limited time only! (Prices $10-$12)

Glaze Chart

For color options please choose 5 of the following glazes by number.


Fall DIY Projects to Go: Wood Slice Painting $10.00 

Supplies Provided 
  • Tempera Paints ( Choice of up to 7 colors)
  • Wood Plank
  • 3 Brush Pack
  • Adhesive wall hook for hanging your piece
  • Modge podge to seal your painting on the wood
    • Apply 2 coats of Mod Podge once dry

You have a choice of selecting up to 7 of the following colors (availability will vary)norris-paint.png

  • Draw a design in pencil directly on the wood before you paint your design or just get right to painting!
  • When completed -let the paint dry completely
  • Once the paint is dry- use foam brush to apply a layer of Modge Podge to waterproof the surface. Let the first layer dry and put on a second layer.
Recommend Painting on One Side Only!
Clean Up Instructions
  • Paints are washable but may still stain, work on newspaper or some type of table covering
  • Wash brushes with warm water until they are clean
  • Allow the Modge Podge on the surface to completely dry
Hang your piece and enjoy!

DIY To Go!

ARTica now has many projects you can purchase online here for DIY TO GO.  Come to ARTica Monday through Friday 12-4:00 pm to pick up the materials and complete the project on your own time at home!

Bisque Projects

Pictures of what each bisque piece looks like can be found here.


Materials we provide includes:

  • chosen bisque piece
  • pencil
  • 3 brushes
  • choice of 5 glaze colors you select- BY NUMBER!
  • glazing instructions

Include your glaze selections in the Special instructions on the Online Menu or email them to

Glaze your piece at home and then drop it off at ARTica Studios for firing. 


You must also return the brushes clean and any unused glazes. Once your bisque piece is fired you are ready to take it home and enjoy your new piece!

Make sure to follow the instructions provided for the best results. 

Glaze Chart

For color options please choose 5 of the following glazes by number.


Canvas Painting

  • canvas (Sizes 8X10, 12X12 11X14 and 16X20)
  • 5 acrylic paint colors (2ozs -white, black, red, yellow, blue)
  • 3 brushes
  • color mixing chartimg-8011.jpg
  • pencil
  • paper plate
  • palette stick
  • 2 sheets of mix media paper
  • information sheet.

Prices range from $7-$20