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470 - Sustainability in Water and Wastewater

Core/Elective: Elective
Credits: 0.5
Quarter Taught: Fall



This class will provide an introduction to the economics, technology and regulation that drive water and wastewater markets.  As a 5-week class, this is a survey of the major issues that exist and a discussion of opportunities to drive to more sustainable water systems.  


Course Objectives:

Students will build a foundation in:

  • Key sustainability concepts & terminology in the water and wastewater industry 
  • The basic science of water systems (high level) and critical components of the water “supply chain” 
  • Primary stakeholders in water systems at the global and US market levels – including providers of water / wastewater services, regulators and end users 
  • Major trends and issues in water systems (globally, but deeper dive in N. America) 
  • Emerging sustainable technology / policy / business model innovation in water 
  • Key questions, measurements, tools & resources to be used when considering water sustainability