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Program Philosophy

The MSES program is built on understanding the intersection of three factors impacting every dimension of the energy transition - Technology, Economics/Markets, and Regulation/Public Policy - what we refer to as the Three Program PillarsGlobal institutions will need leaders that understand the intersection of these pillars to effectively lead large, complex, multidisciplinary teams.

What sets the MSES Program apart? 

  • Fast & Focused - The program is unique with its one-year timing; a majority of programs at peer institutions are 18-24 months. MSES provides strong professional training to deliver energy & sustainability solutions, but limits tuition burden and time out of the workforce (and the associated missed earnings potential).   
  • Interdisciplinary - Organizations are hungry for professionals who can bring skills across competency areas. From curriculum design across the program pillars, to a faculty body that crosses engineering, business, and arts & sciences, to a cohort composition that represents interdisciplinary academic and professional experience, MSES ensures that its students have a well-rounded toolkit upon graduation.
  • Professional - Teaching is done on a team basis, pairing Northwestern faculty with working professionals. The program is hands-on – including a capstone consulting projects and field visits to energy & sustainability sites.   As a terminal master program (no research/thesis track), there is a heavy focus on professional network building and career mentorship, ensuring MSES graduates are ready to make change happen.
  • Cohort Experience – Students move through the program in a group of 40-50 students, experiencing all core curriculum, site visits, and career programming together. This group is incredibly diverse in terms of background and lived experience, bringing a multitude of perspectives into the classroom. This means students often learn just as much from their instructors as they do from each other. MSES Students often form lasting personal and professional bonds during their intense one year together.