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Professional Opportunity

The Time is Now

It’s no question that climate change is the issue of our generation – a statement that has been echoed by everyone from NASA, The Pope, the United Nations, financial regulators and instititons, and some of the world's largest asset owners. With a clear mandate to be on a clear path to net zero emissions by 2050, we are squarely in a consequential decade of action.

Investment is Accelerating, as is the Global Energy and Sustainability Workforce

Global energy investment is set to reach $2.4T in 2022, with record levels of funding being directed into clean energy, climate, and sustainability infrastructure, products, and services.  Organizations increasingly recognize the materiality of these issues across their business lines and are investing in solutions and personnel. Job prospects are particularly bright – a 2022 Department of Energy report found that energy jobs grew faster than overall U.S. employment in 2021, while the inaugural 2022 IEA World Energy Employment report highlighted that new projects will continue to drive robust employment growth across the industry value chain.

Enter these growing fields as a leader

 The MSES Program, through curriculum and robust career support, prepares the next generation of energy and sustainability professionals.  A powerful combination of personalized career mentors and an engaged alumni and program network has supported extremely competitive placement and compensation rates for MSES graduates.