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422 - Electrify Everything: Beneficial Electrification, Electric Vehicles, and Beyond

Core/Elective: Elective
Credits: 1.0
Quarter Taught: Winter


Synopsis:This class introduces the concept of beneficial electrification -- the idea that switching from fossil energy to electricity in transportation and buildings holds tremendous potential to dramatically increase grid flexibility, reduce total household and business energy costs, and reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.  We will explore the emerging state of electricity consumption and review how it relates to changing transportation markets.

Students will be exposed to topics such as evolving business models, GHG emissions, vehicle supply change, the electric grid, electrification options and EV technology.  A common theme throughout the quarter will be the changing nature of the electric grid and the demands of the users of the grid. It will be up to participants to identify emerging issues and an opportunities associated with this evolution and their impact on society.  This will not be a course grounded in heavy technical economic and financial analysis or market theory. You will not need an academic background in engineering or materials science to understand the topics of the class.  


Course Objectives:

  • Build a foundation of understanding about beneficial electrification & its impact on energy markets 
  • Set a baseline knowledge level about electric vehicle technology, products and EV charging 
  • Understand the opportunities and risks associated with the emerging trends around beneficial electrification, electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and impacts to popular services such as ridesharing and emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles.