Spring 2017

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Northwestern Nobels

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The Right Chemistry

Fraser Stoddart: Lighting Up Life on the Farm

Nobel Week


Online Exclusive:
He’s No Slugabed

Online Exclusive:
Northwestern Nobels

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The following are recipients of the Nobel Prize who are affiliated with Northwestern. Year indicated is the year that person received the Nobel Prize.

Persons who either taught or studied at Northwestern


Fraser Stoddart, 2016, faculty member at time of award

Aaron Ciechanover, 2004, adjunct faculty member at time of award

John Pople, 1998, faculty member at time of award

Ilya Prigogine, 1977, former visiting professor


Bengt Holmström, 2016, former faculty member

Dale Mortensen, 2010, faculty member at time of award

Leonid Hurwicz, 2007, former visiting faculty member

Roger Myerson, 2007, former faculty member

Edward Prescott, 2004, former visiting faculty member

Robert E. Lucas Jr., 1995, former visiting faculty member

Franco Modigliani, 1985, former faculty member

George Stigler ’32 MBA, ’79 H, 1982


Saul Bellow ’37, ’62 H, 1976


Robert Furchgott ’40 PhD, ’98 H, 1998

Ferid Murad, 1998, former adjunct faculty member

John Eccles, 1963, later a faculty member


Ralph Bunche, 1950, postdoctoral researcher

Persons who received an honorary degree from Northwestern


Melvin Calvin ’61 H, 1961

Glenn T. Seaborg ’54 H, 1951

Marie Curie ’21 H, 1911


Tjalling Koopmans ’75 H, 1975


Godfrey N. Hounsfield ’79 H, 1979

George W. Beadle ’52 H, 1958

Edward L. Tatum ’71 H, 1958

John F. Enders ’56 H, 1954


Barack H. Obama ’06 H, 2009

Menachem Begin ’78 H, 1978

Charles G. Dawes ’44 H, 1925

Theodore Roosevelt 1893 H, 1906


Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar ’63 H, 1983

Robert A. Millikan 1913 H, 1923

Guglielmo Marconi ’33 H, 1909

Marie Curie ’21 H, 1903