Spring 2017

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The Right Chemistry

Fraser Stoddart: Lighting Up Life on the Farm

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Online Exclusive:
He’s No Slugabed

Online Exclusive:
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A Scot by birth, Fraser Stoddart speaks with an Edinburgh accent and peppers his speech with colorful phrases picked up during his early life in Scotland and England. Here are some of his students’ favorites:

This will set the heather on fire.
Cause great excitement.

What’s the crack?
What’s happening?

You’ve thrown the cat amongst the pigeons.
Created an enormous flap by revealing a controversial fact.

I’ve got something on the boil.
Something active is going on.

I’ve done this more times than I’ve had hot dinners. 
To be more experienced at something than the person you’re talking with.

There will be shouting from the rafters.
Share news excitedly.

This is a box of frogs.
Mad, crazy.

You played a blinder.
Performed well.

This is a pig’s breakfast!
A mess.

Will you be getting there on Shank’s pony?
On foot?