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Outcomes & Consequences

Groups & Organizations

Groups of students and student organizations are expected to comply with all University policies, including the Student Code of Conduct and all additional policies pertaining to groups and organizations. A group or organization may be held responsible for the actions and behaviors of its members and guests. The decision to hold a group or organization responsible as a whole is ultimately determined by examining all the circumstances of a situation and by taking into account factors including, but not limited to, whether the actions:
  1. Were committed by one or more officers or authorized representatives acting in the scope of their group or organizational capacities;
  2. Involved, were committed by, or were condoned by (actively or passively) a significant number of organization members, alumni, or guests;
  3. Occurred at or in connection with an activity or event funded, sponsored, publicized, advertised, or communicated about by the group or organization;
  4. Occurred at a location over which the group or organization had control at the time of the action;
  5. Occurred at or in connection with an activity or event that reasonable people would associate with the group or organization;
  6. Should have been foreseen by the organization or its officers, but reasonable precautions against such actions were not taken;
  7. Were the result of a policy or practice of the organization;
  8. Would be attributable to the organization under the group’s own policies (including local or national risk management guide-lines); or
  9. Were taken by individuals who, but for their affiliation with the organization, would not have been involved in the incident
  10. Or whether, One or more officers or members of an organization fail to report knowledge or information about a violation to, or otherwise fail to cooperate with, appropriate University or emergency officials; or
  11. Or whether, The organization, or any member acting on its behalf, fails to satisfactorily complete the terms of any disciplinary sanction or outcome

Collective & Individual Responsibility

Groups of students and student organizations, as well as their members and officers, may be held collectively and/or individually responsible for violations of the Code of Student Conduct or other University Policies.