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Impact on the person being hazed

The media is full of stories reporting one of the worst possible consequences of hazing: death. While death is the worst possible outcome, there are far more examples of less severe but still life-altering consequences. One study has shown that 71% of those who are hazed suffer from negative consequences. These consequences may include but are not limited to:

Impact on those who haze

Those who are leading or participating in the hazing may unintentionally trigger the memory of a traumatic event in the victim’s past that could result in devastating consequences.
Those who are accused of engaging in the hazing behaviors may face suspension or expulsion, and legal action which may include misdemeanor or felony charges and/or jail time.
Personal impact: In addition to being accountable to the organization, the College, the state criminal process, and civil litigation, those that haze may experience the following:

Impact on the organization

When a team, club or chapter participates in hazing, not only are individuals affected, but the organization also suffers. Individuals and their organization may be accountable to the national offices as well as institutional and local governing boards. Depending on the organization, the consequences can be quite significant. A local chapter of a Greek Life organization might be suspended from campus for a number of years, whereas a sports team could forfeit their season or a club could be disbanded. In addition, the following outcomes may result when members of an organization participate in hazing:

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