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Northwestern Fraternity & Sorority Life Hazing Policy Compliance Statement

As a new member or member of a fraternity/sorority, you should always be aware of the regulations governing the conduct of all student organizations at Northwestern University. All students and student organizations at Northwestern University must abide by the rules and laws pertaining to hazing as stated in the Northwestern University Student Handbook. Specifically, NU students must familiarize themselves with the section titled “Hazing,” within the Northwestern University Student Handbook as well as the State of Illinois Hazing Act 720 ILCS § 120/5 & 10.

As a new member, signing this policy compliance statement acknowledges and verifies that you have been informed of your obligations and expectations of Northwestern University and the Department of Fraternity & Sorority Life. Furthermore, you understand it is your responsibility to read and understand the NU Student Handbook, Illinois Hazing Act and recognize that you have an obligation to report any violation of these rules and policies to the Department of Fraternity & Sorority Life or proper authorities.

Goals & Non-Goals of Hazing in New Member Education
Hazing Does Not Achieve Hazing Does Create
Discipline Distrust and anger
Bonding or togetherness A power trip for the perpetrator
Group strength Humiliation
Respect for members Abuse
Better performance in any activity Victimization
Injuries and sometimes even death

SOURCE: [adapted from] Farnham, Audio Conference, 2006

Common Hazing Excuses

"It's tradition"
"No one will get hurt"
"It's funny - what's the problem?"
"They like it; they said it was okay"
"It's okay if they don't complain"
"It helps build team cohesiveness and unity"
"I went through it, it's a rite of passage"

SOURCE: My Journey from Being Hazed, to Being an Enthusiastic Hazer, to Stopping Hazing

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