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Representing Northwestern in the State Capital

Our Government Relation's staff based in Springfield are the eyes and ears of the University, communicating with the legislative and executive branches of the Illinois government, including with the Illinois General Assembly, the Governor's office, and all applicable state agencies. We also work closely with state organizations and Illinois' other colleges and universities to coordinate higher education needs and best represent Northwestern.

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Northwestern in Springfield

Legislative Advocacy

In Springfield, Northwestern University advocates on issues important to the Northwestern community, like making college affordable and keeping our campus safe. We work on our own and with higher education institutions in Illinois to achieve our legislative agenda.

Student Engagement

Northwestern University students travel to the State Capitol as part of coursework or fellowships, or to advocate directly on issues important to them and the University.

Faculty Engagement

Northwestern University faculty help advise and inform Illinois policymakers and State agencies, providing their expertise on pertinent issues like women’s health research, technology and innovation, and economic development.


Northwestern University is the leader among Illinois Universities: from earning the most in federal research dollars to building pathways for innovation and technology, research and economic development across the State.

Alumni in the State Capital

Former Wildcats represent districts across the State.

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