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Receiving Goods and Services


A receipt is the department/school's way of indicating to Accounts Payable that the product has been received or the service has been provided and therefore the order is approved for payment.

iBuyNU (Catalog) Orders – No receipt required

A receipt is not required for payment purposes for orders placed through iBuyNU. Only a two-way match (purchase order, invoice) is required for payment of iBuyNU (catalog) orders. If there is a problem with receipt of an order, the department/school should notify Procurement and Payment Services (PPS) and PPS will work with the vendor to resolve it.

Non-catalog Orders – Receipt required

Non-catalog orders include orders for goods and services not found in iBuyNU. A three-way match (purchase order, invoice, and receipt) is required for payment of non-catalog orders placed through NUFinancials. Receipts must be entered as soon as possible after receiving the product or performance of the service to authorize payment. If a department/school will not be entering a receipt right away (due to a dispute with the vendor, etc.), please notify Accounts Payable. Receipt entry into NUFinancials is performed by Requesters and central receiving areas.


Contact Information

Contact Information
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Receiving/receivers for goods and services

Procurement and Payment Services, at 847-491-8120 or 

Delayed entry of receipt

Gary Ernsteen, Manager of Accounts Payable, at 847-491-2781 or