Cashiering Services


Bank Deposit Drop Off

Departments not receiving a direct armored car pickup should transport their deposits to the Evanston or Chicago Depository Services Office. The cashier will accept the sealed deposit bag and provide a receipt. These deposits are picked up from the Bursars' offices daily by an armored car carrier and transported to the bank.

Check Cashing

Cashing of checks by departments is strictly prohibited under any circumstances. Depository Services is the only authorized check cashing facility at the University. No fee is charged for cashing the following Northwestern University checks:

  • Cash/travel advance check (checks over $3,000 require notice to Depository Services at least one day in advance)
  • Payroll checks for no more than $300
  • Reimbursement checks for no more than $300

Change Funds

Change funds are made available as an advance to authorized cash handling units for the purpose of making change for currency sales and/or services. Accounting Services approves and sets up change funds.

For temporary change funds, a check advance can be requested through Accounts Payable and the check can be cashed at the Depository Services Office.

With advance notice, Depository Services can provide change for authorized change funds.

Petty Cash Funds

Depository Services will provide initial and replenishment funds for authorized petty cash funds after a fund has been approved and set up by Accounting Services.


Contact Information

Questions About Contact
Deposit drop off, check cashing Cindy Regner, Depository Services, at or 847.503.8525
Petty cash funds, change funds Polina Khait of Accounting Services at 847-491-3870 or, Depository Services at 847-491-5790, or Accounting Services at 847-491-5337