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Changing Status of Investigator

All individuals listed on the Personnel list in InfoEd are pulled into eDisclosure as Investigators.

To indicate that someone is not an Investigator, even though they were named on the proposal, follow the instructions below. Research administrators, members of OSR, and NUCOI all have the ability to assign an individual a status "not an Investigator" based on the criteria above.


  • Key Personnel are always considered Investigators. This function should not be used if the person is listed as Key Personnel.
  • If there is doubt about whether a person is or is not an Investigator, we defer to the PI to make that decision.
  • Investigators are individuals who are responsible for research design, conduct, or reporting (i.e., individual(s) who have the authority to make independent decisions about the direction of the research, conclusions about the results, and are likely to be authors on manuscripts or to present research findings). Investigators are not usually administrative personnel or individuals who perform routine, pre-defined, or incidental tasks related to the project.

If you do not have access to the COI Compliance page in eDisclosure and need it, please contact with your role at Northwestern, department, and NetID to request access.

Updating Investigator Status in eDisclosure:

  1. Log into eDisclosure
  2. Click the link for COI Compliance Page in the gray box on the left side of the screen
  3. Search for the project you need to update by the InfoEd Proposal Number (SP#)screenshot of the COI Compliance page in eDisclosure with arrows indicating where the link can be found for navigation.
  4. From the "My Activities" drop-down menu for the project, select "Update Investigator Status"screen shot of the eDisclosure system after the My Activities dropdown menu has been clicked to display the Update Investigator Status option
  5. On the Update Investigator Status screen, check the box next to the person who is not an Investigator on that project and click OKscreenshot of the activity screen listing each person on the project with checkboxes to indicate that a person is not an investigator on this project

If a mistake was made and someone who was previously indicated to not be an Investigator is an Investigator, unchecking the box next to that person's name will reverse the action.

Questions about this? Contact NUCOI: or 847-467-4515.