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Multicultural & Diversity Competencies

Multicultural competence is one of the keystones in the mental-health services and clinical practice at CAPS. For more about our commitment to diversity, please refer to our Diversity Statement. Accordingly, the training of our Postdoctoral Fellows adheres to APA’s position that professional psychologists must be prepared to serve a diverse public.

We expect that our Postdoctoral Fellows will develop and demonstrate effectiveness when working with diverse populations, including clients whose cultural identity, characteristics, and beliefs differ from those of the therapist. While we respect trainees’ right to maintain their personal belief systems, the training of professional psychologists who can serve a diverse public necessitates both the trainees’ and trainers’ openness to learning, introspection, cognitive flexibility, and exploration of personal beliefs, attitudes, and values.

APA’s statement on preparing psychologists to serve a diverse public was developed by the Education Directorate's Working Group and approved by the APA’s Board of Educational Affairs.