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Resource Planning Process Overview

The overall Resource Planning Process is depicted in the Northwestern Resource Planning Process Map. University priorities guide the Resource Planning Process. These priorities inform school/unit strategies, which in turn shape the financial plans as well as incremental resource requests.  

 It is expected that limited incremental funding will be available to schools and units through the resource planning process for FY2021. We encourage you to only put forward your most pressing and highest priority requests.

We will be focusing our FY 2021 incremental funding on four priority areas:

Additionally, we will continue to fund priority needs to maintain safety and security.

Resource Planning Timeline

This year’s process and timeline will largely follow the timeline developed last year.

The Resource Planning Process includes a set of strategy meetings with schools and select administrative units, which will take place this winter. The strategy meetings will inform the Provost's allocation decisions and development of the overall University budget. 

To summarize, the Resource Planning Process includes:

  Additional details are included on the Operating Resources and Capital Resources pages.

Resource Planning Workgroup 

The Resource Planning Workgroup synthesizes school/unit strategies, financial plans, and resource requests. It recommends to the President and Provost a set of operating and capital resource allocations for endorsement.

The Resource Planning Workgroup includes: 

The Resource Planning Workgroup utilizes the following criteria when assessing and prioritizing all resource requests: 

Approvals and Decisions 

The Resource Planning Process enables efficient and transparent review and decision-making in order to optimize stewardship of Northwestern’s resources. Operating and capital resource requests go through several stages of review and approvals, as shown in the process map linked above. This ensures that school/unit needs are reviewed and prioritized systematically in the context of institutional priorities, needs, and financial position.

Preliminary management budgets will be shared in spring quarter. Final management budgets will be provided following the Board of Trustees’ final approval of the University operating and capital budgets in June. In-year resource requests are communicated quarterly via an updated Resource Allocation letter from the Provost. 

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