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Resource Planning Process Overview

The revised Resource Planning Process is depicted in the Northwestern Resource Planning Process Map. University priorities guide the Resource Planning Process. These priorities inform school/unit strategies, which in turn shape the financial plans and operating and capital resource requests that schools/units are asked to bring forward as part of the process.  School/unit strategies, financial plans, and resource requests will be discussed with senior leadership in the resource meetings and strategy meetings. 

Resource and Strategy Meetings 

A resource meeting with each school/unit will take place in Fall 2017 to discuss both operating and capital budget requests.  

The purpose of the resource meeting will be to: 

The resource meetings will be an opportunity for school/unit leaders to meet with representatives of the Resource Planning Workgroup to discuss a comprehensive picture of the school/unit’s priorities and current resources. Discussion topics may include capital projects, major faculty hiring, program initiatives, strategic financial plans, and internal reallocation efforts. 

A strategy meeting will follow in early winter 2018, in which school/unit leaders share their strategy and plans with senior leadership 

Together these meetings will inform the Provost’s allocation decisions and development of the overall University budget. Preliminary discussions of individual resource allocations will take place in the spring quarter and will be pending the Board’s final approval of the University budget in June.  

University Priorities 

Decisions about resource investments will be guided by University priorities recently articulated by President Schapiro that are grounded in the pillars of the University’s strategic plan and built upon the strong foundation of school/unit collaboration with University leadership. These priorities, which are more fully discussed on the Office of the Provost website, reflect our commitment to: 

Resource Planning Workgroup 

The Resource Planning Workgroup synthesizes school/unit strategies, financial plans, and resource requests. It recommends to the President and Provost a set of operating and capital resource allocations for endorsement.  

The Resource Planning Workgroup includes: 

The Resource Planning Workgroup utilizes the following criteria when assessing and prioritizing all resource requests: 

Approvals and Decisions 

The Resource Planning Process enables efficient and transparent review and decision-making in order to optimize stewardship of Northwestern’s resources. Operating and capital resource requests go through several stages of review and approvals, as shown in the process map linked above. This ensures that school/unit needs are reviewed and prioritized systematically in the context of institutional priorities, needs, and financial position.  

Preliminary discussions of individual resource allocations take place in the spring quarter and will be pending the Board of Trustees’ final approval of the University operating and capital budgets in June. At that time, the school/unit receives final notification of its operating and capital resource allocation. 

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