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FY24 Resources

The Resource Planning Process accommodates annual operating budget requests from schools/units to support the school/unit strategy. We expect that most strategic new investments will be supported within a school or unit’s existing budget. However, we understand that there may be a few select high-priority investments that require some level of central co-investment. Requests for incremental central funding will be considered in these areas:

  • Contractual obligations and safety or compliance needs that are unable to be supported within your school or unit’s budget
  • Commitments for faculty funding and start-up costs previously approved in the faculty hiring process
  • One to three other high-priority requests—consolidated across your school/unit—for strategic co-investments that are unable to be fully supported within your school or unit’s budget

An overview of the Resource Planning Process can be found here. The current page provides additional guidelines and tools for requesting operating resources. 

FY24 Resource Requests 

Operating requests should be submitted by February 24, 2023, using the form below. Once a request has been submitted, the school/unit budget analyst will be notified. Draft all of your FY24 submissions into one place before submitting using the electronic process, this template is available. 

Operating requests should include incremental funding for: 

  • Safety issues
  • Programmatic funding
  • New staff positions 
  • Support for a new initiative

Schools do not need to submit requests for operating support for faculty hiring (incremental salary, discretionary funds, graduate students, etc.) that is already listed on an approved faculty hiring plan or for approved faculty retentions.

All operating requests should be categorized as “single-year” or “multi-year,” which are defined as: 

  • Single-year support – An investment to support a short-term need for one year.  
  • Multi-year support – An investment to support a longer-term need for more than one year. Additional details regarding the length of support needed can be indicated in the “Notes” section of the worksheet.

For the FY 2024 planning cycle, the Office of Budget and Planning will follow up with your office to discuss your resource requests and schedule meetings with you and/or your teams as needed. For appropriated schools/units, this meeting serves as an opportunity to discuss any incremental resource and new allocation requests.  For self-supporting schools/units, this meeting serves as an opportunity to review the ongoing financial plan or strategy for their school/unit. 

Consideration and Approval 

The Resource Planning Workgroup will consider all operating requests within the context of your existing management budget. The group synthesizes school/unit strategies, financial plans, and resource requests, and recommends a preliminary University operating budget to the President and Provost. 

Preliminary management budgets will be shared in the spring quarter. Updated management budgets will be provided following the Board of Trustees’ final approval of the University budget in June.