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Capital Resources

The Resource Planning Process comprehensively considers all capital projects and requests to ensure that all capital projects across Northwestern support institutional priorities and school/unit strategies. The process enables systematic prioritization of projects and requests and ensures alignment with University finances and cash flow. 

Resource Requests 

Schools/units should identify all facilities and non-facilities capital plans and requests for FY 2022 within the Resource Planning ProcessAll appropriated and self-supporting units—including schools, units, and auxiliary units—that are exploring or implementing a capital project, regardless of funding source, are expected to participate in the Resource Planning Process. 

Units exploring or implementing a capital project should submit a resource request. Capital requests should be submitted to the school/unit Budget Analyst by February 19, 2021 using the Capital Resource Request Worksheet.

Capital requests should include: 

Consideration and Approval 


The Resource Planning Workgroup will consider all capital requests and assess them against University priorities and school/unit strategies and resources. The Resource Planning Workgroup consults with the Capital Facilities Workgroup to inform and clarify capital requests.  

The Capital Facilities Workgroup includes: 

The Resource Planning Workgroup recommends to the President and Provost a set of capital projects for endorsement. The President and Provost then endorse projects based on project cost and other characteristics. Once the Board of Trustees determines final approval of the University capital budget in June, schools/units are notified of their final capital resource allocations. 


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