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Capital Facilities Process

In Fall 2017, the Provost introduced a new Resource Planning Process that more closely ties institutional priorities and school/unit strategies with operating and capital resource allocations. As an extension of the Resource Planning Process, the Provost is introducing a new Capital Facilities Process that guides development of capital facilities projects. The Resource Planning Process and Capital Facilities Process together align University resource and capital planning in a more deliberate way, establishing a strategic framework for the identification, prioritization, and execution of capital projects.

The new Capital Facilities Process, which supersedes the existing Strategic Space Committee, formalizes the initiation of capital facilities projects approved during the Resource Planning Process and assigns an approval path for each project. The approval paths establish predictable approval points during project development to ensure alignment of project goals, scope, budget, and schedule with University Priorities and school/unit goals. Further, approval paths will facilitate stronger coordination among the schools/units, supporting units, and University leadership throughout project development.

Together with the President, Provost, and Executive Vice President, we appreciate your openness to a new approach that we believe will better serve our collective goal to make Northwestern the best possible version of itself.