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Guest Travel

This page outlines the services available and processes for making travel arrangements for guests traveling on behalf of the University. Guests may include:

Northwestern faculty and staff have a variety of options for booking and paying for travel arrangements on behalf of University guests. 

Booking Guest Travel

Guest travel, including airfare and some hotels (see local hotels below), can be booked through any of Northwestern's three contracted travel agencies and directly billed to a department/unit chart string.

Egencia Intra World Travel Travel 100 Group

Contact Info

Egencia Login

877-801-3068 (toll-free)
702-939-2532 (int'l)
Email Egencia

Intra World Travel Website

800-626-6963 (outside Illinois)
Email Intra World Travel

Travel 100 Group Website

800-245-9335 (toll-free)
Email Travel 100 Group

Hours of Operation


M-F: 9 am-5:30 pm
Sat: 10 am-1 pm

M-F: 9 am-5 pm
Sat: by appointment only
24/7 emergency support: 800-823-2593

For a detailed comparison of these agencies' services and fees, please visit the Travel Agencies page.

Booking guest travel through Egencia

Faculty and staff who are arranging travel on behalf of guests have two options for booking guest travel on Egencia:

  1. Book travel on behalf of a guest: Travel Arrangers who used the free form in Orbitz for Business will have a "Guest" account in their pick list (within Egencia). Select this option and proceed with your booking; the site will prompt you to enter the traveler's details. If you don't see this option and need to book travel on behalf of a guest, please send a request to
  2. Temporarily register guest on Egencia: If a department/unit determines that a guest should be allowed access to book travel directly for themselves on Egencia, full-time faculty or staff may fill out this Excel Spreadsheet to receive temporary access. The completed form should be sent to Please do not move or delete columns on the spreadsheet. After the form is reviewed it will be loaded into Egencia and the guest will be contacted with instructions. Please call Travel Services at 847-491-7569 if you have any questions.

For more information on booking travel through Egencia, please visit the Egencia page.

Local Hotels

Northwestern has negotiated rates with many hotels located near the Chicago and Evanston campuses that can be booked by Northwestern faculty and staff on behalf of guests traveling on behalf of the University. Northwestern also offers discounted rates at extended stay hotels for long-term visitors.

For more information on booking local hotels, please visit the Local Hotels page.

Reimbursements for Guests

The host department/unit must fill out a Visitor's Expense Report form for all guest reimbursements. Please note that the guest's signature is required on the form.

For more information on Northwestern's Travel, Entertainment & Courtesy policy and the reimbursement process, please visit the Policies and Reimbursements page.

Dining Discounts

Many local restaurants near the Chicago and Evanston campus offer fixed-price menus for Northwestern business meals that meet the guidelines outlined in Northwestern's Travel, Entertainment & Courtesy policy. Please note that a Northwestern faculty/staff member must be present at the meal to receive the Dining Discount.

For more information on the Dining Discounts available, please visit the Dining Discounts page.