Surplus Property Exchange

listserv buttonThe Surplus Property Exchange is an online bulletin board where Northwestern departments can list surplus University property.

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Payments between departments may be made with a check or chartstring. Personal payments to a department must be by check, payable to the offering department. Please notify Holly Golcher once an item is sold or taken.

About the Surplus Property Exchange

What items can be posted?

University assets that a department no longer needs may be posted. Personal items will not be listed.

Who can participate?

Northwestern University departments, schools, faculty and staff.

  • University departments are the primary participants.
  • University employees and students may bid on items for personal use only after the item has been listed for more than 30 days. Please note: automobiles are not subject to the 30 day waiting period for personal purchases
  • All ads in this exchange are the expression of the suppliers.
  • All transactions are the responsibility of the supplier and buyer.
  • Northwestern University expressly disclaims any warranty or guarantee of the quality or functionality of the items sold or of any other aspect of the item. All items are sold "as is."
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