Book a Hotel

There are three options for booking hotels:

Payment Options

Per NU Travel Policy, direct billing of individual lodging charges to University departments is highly discouraged, and guests of the University should pay their own hotel bill and submit their receipts as part of their total trip settlement. However, we understand that there are some circumstances (such as hosting conferences or academic functions) in which it direct billing is preferable.

All Evanston and Chicago hotels that are listed in the links below will allow direct billing to your department. If you choose direct billing:

  • For hotels other than Club Quarters, complete the Hotel Reservation Agreement (pdf) to make the reservation.
  • Use a Direct Payment Request to pay hotel charges.

The preferred method of payment is to charge your hotel reservation to your personal credit card.

For more information, download Northwestern's Travel Policies and Procedures document (pdf) or visit our Rates & Billing page.

Hotel Discounts

Northwestern University travelers are eligible for discounts at hotels nationwide. Some hotels also offer discounts for personal use. Learn about NU discounts at: