Meal Plan Terms and Conditions

  1. The meal plan portion of this residence and board contract is for 14 traditional meals per week, which is the required minimum for students living in University residence halls. The University typically serves 20 meals per week in its residence hall food services when classes are in session: three meals per day, Monday through Saturday, and brunch and dinner on Sunday. Continuous dining is available from breakfast through dinner and late night snacks are normally available Monday through Thursday according to a published schedule. Students with board contracts are free to choose whichever combination of 14 meals per week they wish, subject to the exceptions noted in the following paragraphs and in accordance with University policies and guidelines. When counting meals, Sunday is considered to be the first day of the week.
  2. All students are initially assigned a traditional 14 meals/week board contract, which includes a quarterly allocation of Wildcat Points that may be used at eligible a’ la carte dining locations or for guest meal purchases in residence halls. Various other board contract options are also available for an additional charge; these options may provide different Wildcat Points allocations. Traditional plan meals may be used only in the residence hall food services, do not carry any cash equivalency with them, and do not allow repeat entries into dining halls during a single meal period.
  3. Block meal contracts are also available. These plans provide a fixed number of meals per quarter, and an allocation of Wildcat Points. Some Block Plans may include a meal equivalency feature. Wildcat Points may be used at residence hall food services and at authorized a’ la carte dining locations. Full details of the board plans and use policies are available in the University Dining Services Guide available on the Northwestern Dining website.
  4. Students are permitted to make one change to their board contract per quarter. Requests for changes made after the second week of classes will be effective the following quarter. Meals in excess of the contracted number may be purchased for cash at the time the meal is taken.
  5. No meals are available during University vacation periods including Thanksgiving and quarter breaks.
  6. Each student is issued a photographic identification card (WildCARD), which must be presented in order to obtain access to the food services. Students who lose their identification card must go to the WildCARD Office for a replacement and pay the applicable replacement fee. Meals will not be provided without a valid WildCARD.
  7. No partial refunds on board contracts will be provided. Since it is not possible to give refunds for every cause, we cannot make exceptions for religious groups or charitable organizations, nor can meals or points be assigned to or donated to others. Points and meals expire at the end of each quarter and can not be carried forward.
  8. A student who works for board at a University food service will be released from the board portion of the contract upon written notification to the University Food Service Office from the supervisor of the food service manager. Upon termination of employment, the board portion of the contract is immediately reinstated.
  9. A student who can demonstrate a need acceptable to the University Food Service Office to be released from board because of medical reasons must apply for such release in writing at the University Food Service Office and must also provide a letter from the University Student Health Service substantiating the request for release. Releases to take effect for the fall quarter must be filed by Friday of the second week of classes of that quarter. Requests filed after this deadline will not become effective prior to the end of the fall quarter. Releases to take effect at the end of the fall or winter quarters must be filed two weeks before the last day of classes for that quarter; requests filed after this deadline will not become effective prior to the end of the following quarter.
  10. A student who withdraws from the University or who moves from a University residence hall to an off-campus residence may be released from the board portion of this contract effective the last day of the student’s residence, if the student applies for such release in writing at the University Food Service Office.