Here is information for all students attending Northwestern Commencement/Graduation activities

Assembly and Lineup for Degree Candidates
Here is information for students to prepare for line up in the morning
Caps & Gowns
Here graduates can find information on caps and gowns for commencement
General Student Information
Here is general information regarding commencement for students
Important Dates
Here are Important Dates for Graduating Students at Northwestern for Commencement.
List of Degrees Awarded by School
Here is a list of degrees awarded by each individual school
Here is information about getting and picking up tickets for Commencement at Northwestern.
Student Email Reminders
Here are emails sent to Students regarding the upcoming commencement.
Commencement Stories
Here are stories pertaining to Northwestern Commencement
Ordering Commencement Merchandise
Here is information about Ordering Commencement Merchandise for Northwestern Graduation