We help students make responsible decisions about alcohol and other drugs to keep everyone in our community safe and healthy. This site provides Northwestern students, parents, faculty, staff and neighbors a centralized 'hub' for information, policies, programs and services.

In an emergency, dial 911Be Prepared

Know what to do in an alcohol emergency.

Learn the signs of an alcohol overdose and take action.

Do the Right Thing

surprised student talking to anotherGet help if your friend has had too much. Follow the Responsible Action Protocol and keep your friends safe. Students who assist others in an emergency generally face no disciplinary action for their own infractions - even if alcohol or other drugs are involved.

Get the Facts

Not all Northwestern students drink. Read more truths about alcohol and other drugs @ NU.

Get Personalized Feedback

Want feedback on your use of alcohol or marijuana? Complete the e-CheckUpToGo and see where you stand.

Take the Course

All first-year undergraduate students (including transfer students) are required to take an alcohol education session. Enroll in AlcoholEdu® for College today.