Pre-Collegiate Programs

Northwestern offers special enrichment opportunities for preschool to high school students.

Center for Talent Development

This center provides real-time testing, educational programs, and resources for gifted preschool- through high school-aged students. Visit the Center for Talent Development website.

College Preparation Program

This summer program gives college-bound high school seniors a head start in their academic careers by giving them a chance to take undergraduate courses and experience college life. Visit the College Preparation Program website.

National High School Institute

Also known as the "Cherub" program, this summer program provides students the opportunity to enroll in debate, speech, music, film and video production, and theater arts courses. Visit the National High School Institute website.

Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute

Students in this five-week "Cherub" program study journalism from a "professional's perspective," learning how to be better writers and editors for print, broadcast and digital media.  The 84 "rising seniors" typically come from at least 20 states and various countries abroad.  Visit the Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute website.