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Google Analytics Update

Google is discontinuing its Universal Analytics (UA) product July 1, 2023. All websites will need to be upgraded to the new version, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), which has significant changes related to reporting and to tracking of users and engagement. OGMC's Digital team has begun the migration for many University sites and has been assisting units in making this transition. If you are interested in joining a working group to assess needs and share lessons learned, please email Jacob Arnold.

If your site is supported by OGMC and you would like GA4 access or a Looker Studio report, please fill out this form: Google Analytics Report Request.

Key Changes in GA4

  • Applications and websites organized into streams rather than views
  • Event-based tracking model focused on engagement (as opposed to UA's session-based pageview model)
  • Predictive capabilities to work around privacy restrictions
  • New reporting tools

Migration Process

  • Install GA4 in parallel with UA as soon as possible, either through Google Tag Manager or adding a separate tracking code to the <head> of your site
  • If your UA property was auto-migrated by Google, it may be connected to a new GA4 account without you needing to install a new tracking code
  • Download reports as PDFs or Excel documents for any historical data you wish to retain from Universal Analytics since after July 1, 2024 it will no longer be accessible

For more information, please see our Powerpoint on Google Analytics 4.

Last modified: Feb 20, 2024