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Release Testing

New releases of Cascade CMS are announced on the WCMS-Developers listserv. OGMC installs each new version to a test server, typically a month after release. Periodically we refresh the test database with a copy of the production database, disabling all publish destinations and email notifications.

What OGMC Does

OGMC's Digital team goes through a series of tests with our own sites. We test basic functionality and examine Cascade's release notes to check anything that has changed. We also test our web services scripts.

What You Can Do

To confirm your site(s) work in the latest version of Cascade, you should test major features (including publishing) and any custom functionality. In the test environment, you will need to temporarily re-enable publishing to a test destination.

Finding bugs

If you find an inconsistency in the way your pages are rendering or you find that some functionality is broken, please immediately report it. It is important that OGMC is aware of any issues you find so that we can report them to the vendor and determine whether to proceed with an upgrade.

Status of the Testing Server

The test instance is:

  • online
  • running Cascade Server 8.24.2 release
  • using a Feb 1, 2024 database backup

No stakeholders are currently involved in active development in the test instance, therefore, the attached database and Cascade version are subject to change at any time. To make special hold requests, contact us at

Please consider data saved into the test instance to be temporary unless you specifically request a hold.