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Wildcat Connection News

Wildcat Connection received a system upgrade on July 5th, 2017. All data transferred to the new version of the site, and information about orientations (if needed) will be available soon. For further information, contact campus admin joseph.lattal@northwestern.edu

About Wildcat Connection

With over 400 undergraduate student organizations at Northwestern, getting involved is easy. Learn more about our student organization offerings by visiting Wildcat Connection, Northwestern's student organization directory. Once you log-in to Wildcat Connection with your NetID and password you can explore all our student organizations from A cappella groups and theatre organizations to community service groups and sport clubs. The Wildcat Connection events calendar shows students everything available to them sponsored by their friends' groups every week.

On Wildcat Connection you can:

  • Find student organizations' social media pages
  • Search upcoming events
  • Contact organizations directly