Student Organization Fairs

2019-20 Student Organization Fairs

Visit Wildcat Connection and request a table for the 2020 Spring Org Fair. No check-in is needed if you are interested in attending to check out the participating organizations at this event.

For Student Organization Representatives

Only undergraduate student organizations that have completed Wildcat Connection registration, Canvas modules, and any other annual requirements are eligible to request a table for the fair. 

Did your organization leave your display with us at the end of the last fair? We have a list of tri-folds in our inventory. We will bring them all down to the Winter Org Fair check-in and they are available in the SOURCE before the event if you want to take a look at their state.

TGS groups and other graduate/professional student groups have fairs administered by their respective academic colleges.

For Students

For the first time in 2020, SOA is offering an org fair to kick off spring term. After hearing accounts from students that they would be likely to attend and finding that student orgs continue to recruit in the spring term, SOA was able to secure the usual venue, Norris 2nd Floor.

The Mid-Year Organization fair offers an opportunity for students to check out many opportunities on campus where groups are actively recruiting and looking to grow. A high number of recently established and approved groups appear with unique opportunities for students to be a part of an organization from the beginning. Approximately 60-120 organizations are present at this event.

The Fall Organization fair historically happens on two consecutive days with roughly half of the groups appearing on each day. Because there are so many student organizations to explore, SOA highly encourages students to explore Wildcat Connection and search for groups by keyword or interest. We also have a central welcome/info desk with staff who can help you navigate the fair and find what you're looking for. This page will also feature a full index of alphabetized groups who have requested a table, closer to the event.

2019-20 Organization Fairs

Quarter Event, Dates Location
Fall  All-Org Fair, Tuesday & Wednesday, September 24-25, 2019, 3:00-6:00pm  Norris University Center
Winter  Monday, January 6, 3:00-6:00pm Norris University Center
Spring Wednesday, April 1, 3:00-6:00pm Norris University Center