What We Do

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Health Insurance is a requirement for all degree-seeking students at Northwestern University.

The Northwestern Student Health Insurance office:

  • manages the annual insurance selection process in CAESAR, and provides students (and their families) with assistance navigating the annual confirmation or waiver of your NU-SHIP coverage;
  • educates students about how to verify plan benefits and covered services (irrespective of plan), identify in-network providers, and use your insurance coverage effectively;
  • assists students in researching and assessing private insurance options, to best fit your specific healthcare needs;
  • helps students resolve insurance billing or claims issues, irrespective of whether your coverage is through the NU-SHIP or an alternate insurance plan;
  • coordinates with other campus units to develop financial, social, and emotional support for students' healthcare and insurance needs; and
  • develops policy to ensure students have effective coverage and care to support their academic goals.