Hearing Officers, Investigators, and Panel Members

The following list of faculty, staff and students serve as hearing officers, investigators, and panel members for student conduct cases.

Please note, student panel members are noted with an asterisk (*) and are not involved in cases related to alleged violations of the University’s Policy on Sexual Misconduct.

As needed, the Office of Student Conduct may designate additional hearing officers, investigators, or panel members (not listed below), provided that they have received the required training to serve in the role.

Aaron Kaplan*
Abel Leon, Office of Equity
Agneska Bloch*
Alejandro Magana, Student Affairs
Amanda DaSilva, Office of Equity
Amanda Mueller, Residential Services
Amber Galusha-Patel, Residential Services
Andre Hebert, Residential Services
Barbara Shwom, Weinberg
Ben Lopez*, Residential Services
Bernard Foster, Student Affairs
Beth Ripperger, Office of the Provost
Christine DePilla, Office of Student Conduct
Colleen Johnston, Office of Equity
Constance Wright, Weinberg
Corey Portell, Buffett Institute for Global Studies                                                 
Dan Amato, Residential Services
Dana Bozeman, The Graduate School
David Fishman*
De’Ronnius Young, Residential Services
Deborah Kraus, Kellogg
Diming Xu*
Dornette Ashley, Student Affairs
Dorina A. Rasmussen, Medill
Elana Levy, Residential Services
Emily Ruf*
Eric Swinehart, Residential Services
Fiona Sykes, Medill
Jacqualyn Casazza, Office of the Registrar
Jason McKean, Office of Student Conduct
Jeanine Casler, Weinberg
Jessica Scott, Medill
Julie Payne-Kirchmeier, Student Affairs
Han-Wei Wu* 

Ish Orkar, Office of Equity

Kate Veraldi, Graduate School

Katheryn Melendez, Residential Services
Keri Disch, Office of the Registrar
Kourtney Gray, Student Affairs
Laura Myers, Student Affairs
Lesley Kagan Wynes, Kellogg
Lilah Shapiro, School of Education and Social Policy                                               
Lucas Christain, Office of Student Conduct          
Maggie Elinson*, Residential Services
Margaret McCarthy, School of Professional Studies
Mary Maher, School of Law
Melissa Calica*
Michelle Enos, Student Affairs                                                    
Michelle Hunter, Residential Services  
Mimi Mudd*                     
Natalie Bautista, School of Law                                                                                          
Nate Daigle, Medill
Nikki Dunham, Residential Services
Patricia Nichols, Weinberg
Paul Hubinsky, Residential Services
Paulina Kijek, Kellogg
Penny Nichols, Weinberg
Phong Luu, School of Education and Social Policy
Puja Patel, Pritzker
Rodney Orr*
Ryan Sawicki, Weinberg
Sandy Sanguino, Feinberg
Sean Diament*
Sean Kavanaugh, SPS
Tae-Eun Kim*
Teresa Mastin, Feinberg
Theresa Bratanch, Office of the Provost
Todd Adams, Student Affairs
Valronica Scales, Residential Services