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Find points of contact, guidelines and other tools as you navigate the reporting landscape at Northwestern.

General Resources

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University Compliance Office

If you are not sure where or whether something should be reported, University Compliance is a resource for asking questions and can help put you in touch with subject matter experts across the campus community. 



Northwestern’s ombudsperson can play a key role in resolving concerns and working through issues. They are a confidential, impartial, informal, and independent resource for navigating life at Northwestern.  


Confidential resources

The following confidential resources will not disclose information to anyone, including law enforcement or the University, except in very limited situations, such as when failure to disclose the information would result in imminent danger to the individual or to others. 

Please note that disclosing information to or seeking advice from a confidential counselor does not constitute a report or complaint to the University and will not result in a response or intervention by the University.

Student Reporting Resources


The NUHelp website is compiles Northwestern’s wellness, safety and crisis resources. 

Contact: See resources for immediate help

CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services)

CAPS provides counseling services to students, also provides a counselor on-call 24 hours a day. 

Contact: Searle Hall, 633 Emerson St, 2nd Floor (Evanston) or Abbott Hall, 5th Floor (Chicago)
(847) 491-8100

Faculty and Staff Reporting Resources

Northwestern Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Northwestern Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to faculty and staff members and provides 24/7/365 free and confidential access to a variety of mental health and well-being services and resources.

Contact: (855) 547-1851 (24 hours)

Faculty Work/Life Resources

The Office of the Provost consolidates work/life resources for faculty members.

Contact: Work/Life Resources

University Rules, Guidelines and Policies

Understanding EthicsPoint

Many of the issues on this website can be reported through EthicsPoint, a third-party service where reports can be made anonymously. 

When in doubt, when unsure where to go, or when you prefer to remain anonymous, EthicsPoint is always available, and we encourage you to speak up.

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