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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need a visa to enter Qatar?

Yes.  NU-Q HR applies for Qatari visas on behalf of all business and pre-employment visitors. To obtain an entry visa, you must submit a digital scan (color or b&w) of the photo and signature pages your passport to You may use the scanner located in the QSO. 

All numbers and letters on the submitted scan must be legible, and your likeness must be discernable. Passports must also have at least sixth month’s remaining validity. If your passport does not meet the sixth-month validity requirement, or if you must apply for a new or renewed passport, pleased contact the QSO regarding options for expedited processing.  

Qatari visas are distributed to travelers via e-mail in advance of the departure date. The visa application process undertaken by NU-Q HR may take at least several business days. Visas for travelers with non-US Passports may take longer to obtain. 

Where will I stay?

NU-Q provides hotel accommodation at properties within reasonable daily commuting distance of Education City. Details of your hotel stays will be forwarded via e-mail. Late and early check-in is arranged based upon the flight arrival and departure times.

Transportation via private car from Doha International Airport to your hotel will be pre-arranged by NU-Q, and paid for directly by the University. 

How do I get to Education City?

NU-Q provides pre-paid transportation vouchers for business use in Doha. Visitors may redeem the vouchers for transportation in private chauffeured vehicles to/from Education City and other locales. You will find vouchers in a welcome packet at the hotel.

Will my smartphone work in Qatar?

Most US wireless plans and devices are unlikely to function in Qatar. Check with your wireless provider in advance of travel. Upon check-in at the hotel, you will receive a mobile phone and charger for local use. Upon departure, please return the phone and charger to the front desk of the hotel.

What should I wear?

Doha is a cosmopolitan city with a large expatriate community. Accordingly, clothing styles prevalent in Qatar vary over a wide spectrum. Nonetheless, visitors to NU-Q are encouraged to wear modest clothing when attending meetings and traveling about the city.

Garments that cover the shoulders and knees are appropriate. Most visitors pack both business attire and smart casual dress. Western style swimwear and athletic clothing is appropriate for hotel pools and fitness centers.

Can I bring my medication to Doha?

Yes. Travelers should pack a sufficient supply of prescribed medications in carry-on luggage, in original labeled containers.  

Do I need any special vaccinations?

No. For further information, travelers may consult the Center for Disease Control’s Qatar resource page.  

Is there anything I cannot bring to Doha?

Alcohol (including duty-free purchases) and pork products may not be brought in to Qatar.  

Should I exchange currency before or during my visit?

Most expenses incurred by business and pre-employment visitors are covered directly by NU-Q. Major credit cards are widely accepted in Qatar, and many ATM’s accept cards issued by US financial institutions. Most hotels will exchange currency, or offer bills of smaller denominations appropriate for tipping and other incidentals.

Smaller retailers in Doha’s marketplaces (or souqs) may accept cash payments only.  

Can I charge my computer and phone?

Most sophisticated electronics such as laptops and mobile phones can be charged and powered using the electrical outlets in hotel rooms or at Education City. Plug adapters, however, are required. Adapters are available from the concierge at hotels.

How can I access the internet?

All accommodations in Doha feature wireless and/or cable Internet connectivity. On campus, visitors may connect to NU’s network via Wi-fi.

Can I receive reimbursement for expenses?

NU-Q sponsored business travelers may request reimbursement for qualifying expenses after completion of the visit. Reimbursements are processed in accordance with Northwestern policy. Pre-employment travel is covered by a per diem, the details of which are provided to travelers in advance of departure from the US.