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Faculty and Staff

The Qatar Support Office partners with NU-Q Human Resources to facilitate business, pre-employment, and relocation travel from the United States to Doha, Qatar.

Business travel

NU-Q’s leadership, faculty, and staff invite visitors to Doha on sponsored travel throughout the year. For travel originating in the United States, the QSO works directly with the traveler and the NU-Q host. NU-Q hosts should contact the QSO well in advance of travel to request assistance. 

The QSO and NU-Q HR provide assistance with the following pre-departure arrangements:


The QSO arranges round trip airfare for U.S.-based visitors traveling to NU-Q for approved business trip. Airfare is invoiced to and paid for by NU-Q.

In order to arrange airfare, please e-mail the following information to the QSO:

Following receipt of the above details, the QSO will propose an itinerary to the traveler via e-mail.  The traveler should respond within a reasonable timeframe to approve the itinerary or with questions about the arrangements. Seating and other preferences will be accommodated when possible.

Ticketed flight itineraries are distributed via e-mail. 

Entry visa

NU-Q HR supplies entry visas to Qatar via the QSO. Travelers to Qatar must have a valid passport with at least six months of remaining validity.

As early as possible, travelers should e-mail the QSO a pdf or jpg copy of the picture and signature pages of their passport as a single file and image. Color images are preferred, and the traveler’s likeness must be clear. All numbering and lettering must be legible.  

NU-Q will acquire the entry visa on the traveler’s behalf. The QSO will e-mail a pdf copy of the visa to the traveler prior to departure. The traveler should print the visa and carry it with his or her passport on the outbound trip.

In some instances, travelers will receive a visa on arrival at Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar.

Hotel accommodations

The QSO coordinates with NU-Q HR to arrange hotel accommodations for visitors traveling to Doha on approved business trips. NU-Q books and pays for hotel accommodations at one of several preferred Doha properties. Reservation confirmations are included with the QSO’s pre-departure email.

Hotel guests enjoy complimentary breakfast and internet access during their stay. Most of NU-Q’s preferred hotels offer a fitness facility, pool, and on-site dining options. Please check the hotel’s website for specific hotel amenities.

Airport and local ground transportation

NU-Q HR arranges and pre-pays for airport transportation for visitors traveling to Doha on approved business trips. Specific details about airport transportation will be shared prior to departure.

NU-Q HR provides several pre-paid vouchers for local car service in Doha that may be used for transportation around the city and between the hotel and NU-Q. Visitors should make arrangements directly with the car service in advance of each trip, allowing extra travel time during rush periods. NU-Q hosts can provide information about estimated travel times between Doha locations.

Travel expenses

In accordance with Northwestern University’s travel policies and procedures, visitors to NU-Q receive reimbursement of allowable expenses incurred during travel. Visitors seeking reimbursement must retain itemized receipts.  

Northwestern visitors to NU-Q or administrative staff may complete the Travel and Expense Report in NUFinancials. Please e-mail the QSO to request the relevant chart string.

Business travelers who require assistance with the reimbursement process may ask the QSO to complete the Travel and Expense Report on their behalf. In such instances, increased processing time should be expected.

Pre-departure information

The QSO will provide information about travel arrangements and arrival in Qatar in a pre-departure e-mail sent to the traveler before their visit to NU-Q.

Travelers to Qatar should feel welcome to contact the QSO with questions about travel arrangements, the NU-Q campus, and Qatar. QSO staff members have spent time in Qatar and are happy to provide information prior to departure.

Pre-employment travel

Candidates for NU-Q expatriate leadership, faculty, and staff positions may be invited to visit NU-Q as part of the hiring process.

The QSO books all pre-employment travel originating in the United States. Based upon the needs of the hiring department, the QSO will work with the candidate and the hiring department to determine preferred travel dates. Spouses of final candidates are also eligible to travel on pre-employment visits, with flight and hotel costs covered by NU-Q.

Pre-employment travelers should follow the same guidance outlined for business travelers. Pre-employment candidates only (spouses not included) will receive per diem in lieu of reimbursement to cover expenses during travel. The QSO will provide details on the per diem process prior to departure.