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Mail Forwarding

U.S. Mail forwarding from Evanston to Doha

The Qatar Support Office (QSO) forwards U.S. and Evanston campus mail to faculty, staff, and their family members in Qatar. U.S. mail includes personal mail items such as letters, greeting cards, documents, journals and magazines, DVD rental subscriptions, and other flat materials. The staff of the Support Office will use discretion in discarding and not forwarding obvious “junk mail” (e.g. supermarket advertisements, coupons for local businesses).

The employee must provide the QSO with the names of any family members who will require mail forwarding via the QSO. Faculty, staff, and family members wishing to receive personal mail in Qatar should complete a change of address form with the U.S. Postal Service.

U.S. Mail forwarding from Doha to Evanston

Facilities Management at NU-Q sends U.S. and campus mail from Qatar to the Evanston campus on Sundays and Thursdays, with scheduling adjustments made for Qatari holidays. If there are no delays, mail typically arrives at the QSO within three business days. QSO staff forward stamped U.S. mail and Evanston and Chicago campus mail via Northwestern’s mail services. U.S. stamps are available for purchase at NU-Q in the Business and Finance office.

Address format for mail forwarding

Name of employee

NW Univ. MS 1801Q

2020 Ridge Avenue

Evanston, IL 60208

Frequency of mailings

The QSO forwards mail to Qatar by FedEx International Priority on Mondays and Thursdays, with scheduling adjustments made for U.S. holidays. If there are no delays, mail typically arrives at NU-Q within three business days. Mail distribution at NU-Q is coordinated by the Office of Facilities Management.

Personal packages

Envelopes and personal packages that contain items of monetary value cannot be forwarded and should not be directed to the QSO (e.g. personal packages from friends and family, purchases from online retailers). It is the responsibility of the employee to inform family and friends not to send such items to the QSO.

Faculty and staff may wish to use a forwarding service in order to receive personal packages in Qatar. Many current NU-Q faculty and staff use Aramex’s Shop and Ship service as a way to receive packages from friends, family, and online retailers. Costs associated with forwarding services such as Aramex are the responsibility of the employee.

Business packages

The QSO forwards scholarly/professional material and NU-Q departmental purchases to Qatar in shipments separate from the mail. Please inform the QSO of inbound business materials and include the monetary value information for each item and the date the materials are needed in Qatar.

It is the responsibility of the faculty or staff member to ensure that items intended to be forwarded comply with Qatar Customs regulations. Please contact Facilities Management for more information.